Auditions for Racing Demon are at Little Witley Village Hall, Little Witley, Worcestershire on Friday and Sunday 9 and 11 November at 7.30pm and noon respectively. Audition Notices available upon request to Andrew Whittle – please email at

This is to be performed at The Coach House Theatre in Malvern between 6th and 9th February 2019 (5 performances including the matinee on Saturday night). The get in will be on Sunday 3rd February with the technical and dress rehearsals on 4th and 5th.

The plan would be to start rehearsals at the end of November to allow for the fact that there will be a hiatus for Christmas and allowance might have to be made for possible bad weather. For those that are going to be heavily involved in pantomimes over the Christmas period it is unlikely that your involvement could be accommodated.

The Cast

 The Right Reverend Charlie Allen, Bishop of Southward

Described by David Hare as in his 60s, a tall iconic figure. He is authoritative, waspish and out to remove Reverend Lionel Espy from his post in Southwark.

Frances Parnell

Described by Hare as 30, blonde. However, the age range can be from mid-20s to mid-30s and hair colour is immaterial. She is from an established Church of England family but not a practising Christian. Begins the play in a relationship with the young curate Tony.

The Reverend Tony Ferris

Described by Hare as being in his 20s. He is enthusiastic, zealous and determined to get on in the Church and bring parishioners back to the Church and halt the declining congregation numbers. Believes his team leader, Reverend Espy is not up to the job.

Stella Marr

Described by Hare as black, in her mid 20s. She does not necessarily need to be black. She is a victim of domestic violence and in search of help from the Church.

The Reverend Donald “streaky” Bacon

Described by Hare as in his early 40s, cheerful and outgoing with glasses. He can be younger – mid-30s. A light, fun part.

The Reverend Harry Henderson

Described by Hare as smooth-voice, short and dumpy in his mid-50s. Could be older. A closest homosexual who is a victim of outing by the press. A quiet, determined character.

Heather Espy

The wife of Reverend Espy. Hare describes her as being in her early 50s but has adopted an older look. Skirt and cardigan, hair prematurely grey. Neglected by her husband. Suffers a stroke and becomes remote but “still there”.

Ewan Gilmour

Ewan is a struggling Scottish actor in his early 20s and is homosexual. He is dependent upon Harry for support.

The Right Reverend Gilbert Heffernan, the Bishop of Kingston

Described by Hare as young for a Bishop, only in his 40s with a lean jaw and slim athletic build. In fact, he need not be early 40s and could even be in his 60s. Obviously subordinate to the Bishop of Southwark. Historically has supported Reverend Lionel Espy but now caught in the cross fire between them.







Four Minutes Twelve Seconds

The first production of 2017 will be Four Minutes Twelve Seconds by James Fritz and will be presented at The Coach House in Malvern and Ludlow Brewery during the weeks commencing 20 and 27 February respectively. In a world where smartphones are ubiquitous this deeply provocative and topical drama throws a light on the sorts of insidious opportunities new technology offers - where nothing dies online, except reputation....

Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’

A Rock and Roll performance of love, passion and tragedy.

“Shakespeare’s classic tale about two young lovers is performed fantastically by a very talented group of actors. The passion in this play comes alive in the actors’ performances and makes a breathtaking show.” – A. Jones

“It is beautiful to watch the progression of love and passion in this performance and really feel a connection between the actors and between actor and audience.” – Jessica Lewis

Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’


A cast of talented actors have come together to put on a fantastic performance of Shakespeare’s classic ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

“Adding a dash of Steampunk splendor, the actors are beautiful, striking and it’s hard to take your eyes off them.” – Michael Adcock

“The acting is absolutely brilliant. Romantic, humorous and mischievous. This version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is an absolute must see.” – Holly Pitt



Puck for blog

Hot on the heels of the amazingly successful trailer film for ‘Romeo & Juliet’ (at over 3.5K views already!), we’re going to be shooting the next trailer for ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on 10 August.  We’ll be returning to the same location we used for the photo shoot, and as well as the Fairy’s, this trailer will also feature some of the ‘mortals’ in the shape of Lysander, Hermia, Helena and Demetrius.  We’re keeping everything crossed for good weather!

We’ll post another blog very soon to tell you how we approach such a film shoot, with our production partner Wild Edric Media.

Casting News :two

Rehearsals have also started for our production of Alan Ayckbourn’s A Chorus of Disapproval which is to be presented at Ludlow Assembly Rooms between 22 -25 June inclusive. Directed by Sue Smith, the cast is as follows:

Mr Ames                                       Mark Aitchison

Bridget Baines                            Ashleigh Aston

Fay Hubbard                                 Lizzie Hastings

Ian Hubbard                                 Ben Andrew

Jarvis Huntley -Pike                  Bob Clarke

Rebecca Huntley -Pike              Ellie Darvill

Guy Jones                                      Mark Topping

Dafydd ap Llewellyn                  Andrew Whittle

Hannah Llewellyn                      Claire Jones

Crispin Usher                              Ed Laboda

Enid Washbrook                         Sue Hawkins

Linda Washbrook                        Hannah Jane Yeoman

Ted Washbrook                            Neville Cann

Further details also to follow…



Casting News

We are pleased to report that rehearsals have started and are going well for our production of Bull by Mike Bartlett, the writer of   King Charles 111 and BBC TV’s Doctor Foster.

The cast is:

Thomas        Morgan Rees-Davies

Isobel            Poppy Wilde

Tony              Dan Wilby

Carter           Andrew Whittle

The play is being directed by Chris Barltrop.

In addition to a private performance in Stratford -upon -Avon on Friday 20th May, the play will be performed at The Coach House, Malvern

on Friday and Saturday 15th and 16th July and then between Tuesday to Friday 19th to 22nd July at Ludlow Brewery.

Further details to follow..





The auditions for A Chorus of Disapproval will take place on Monday 7th March 2016 at 8.00pm at Little Witley Village Hall, just two days after the final performance of Mermaid. Those that have already expressed an interest in being involved will be sent an Audition Notice. Audition Notices will be available at The Swan Theatre during the  Mermaid run. Anybody wanting to receive the Notice by email should notify us by our Facebook page or by emailing