2nd Review for Henry V at Ludlow Castle

And another great review in for Henry V!

‘Anyone fearing Shakespeare’s history plays need not worry about Here to There Productions’ outdoor offering of Henry V, now showing at the 2019 Ludlow Fringe Festival. Carl Walker has directed a wonderfully clear version of the story that is staged in the stunning grounds of Ludlow Castle, with medieval towers looming over the cast as they strut and fret their way across the stage whilst the sun sets behind them and darkness creeps in from the beyond the battlements.

Shakespeare’s history plays can sometimes seem heavy, sluggish and hard to follow and, with smaller casts being the norm in most productions nowadays, in can be tricky to work out who is who and what the hell is going on with so much doubling of parts. With a cast of twenty talented actors, Here to There’s production suffered from none of these problems. It was clear and engaging throughout.

Leading man David Hubball, supported by a very strong cast (from which it’s hard to pick any favourite performances as the whole ensemble worked so well together), gave a commanding, clear and intelligent performance as Henry. Gone is the rambunctious Hal from Henry IV. Hubball plays the prince turned king as royal, rousing, diplomatic, disputatious, victorious and vulnerable in turns as we see him at court, in battle and wooing Princes Katherine (Bryony Tebbutt) after his success at Agincourt.

If you’re in or around Ludlow between the 24th and 28th June then pack up a picnic, pop some prosecco and go and watch one of The Bard’s best history plays in a beautiful setting performed by a troop of talented actors. It’ll be well worth the price of the ticket.’

Review by Sean McGrath: Creative Director, AlterEgo Creative Productions

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