Yes, Prime Minister Audition Notice

Here To There Productions are pleased to announce that they will be bringing a production to Ludlow Assembly Rooms in Shropshire this October.


Yes, Prime Minister by Antony Jay & Jonathan Lynn
23rd – 25th October 2014
Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Auditions will take place on Tuesday 22nd and Friday 25th July 2014 at Little Witley Village Hall.


Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, the original writers of the classic BBC TV series, have reunited to write an up-to-date Yes, Prime Minister which has become one of the most successful plays during the past decade.

Spin, BlackBerrys, sexed-up dossiers, sleaze, global warming and a country on the brink of financial meltdown form the backdrop to mayhem at Chequers as the Foreign Minister of Kumranistan makes a seriously morally compromising offer of salvation. Will Jim Hacker and his team of advisors be able to rescue the country from the edge?

Characters in the play are:

Sir Humphrey Appleby (Cabinet Secretary)

Bernard Woolley (Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister)

Jim Hacker (Prime Minister)

Claire Sutton (Special Policy Adviser)

The Kumranistan Ambassador

Jeremy Burnham (Director-General of the BBC)

Simon or Simone Chester (BBC Presenter)

Rehearsal dates and times will vary in an attempt to suit availability of cast.

If you have any questions then please contact Andrew Whittle (Producer) on 07973 440453.





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